Y.O.U's Cushion Project -


Encouraging disabled people to


embrace their own identity 

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to rely on additional equipment/aids to help you live independently but these are not readily available. These aids are aimed at infants or elderly people.  What happens if you want your own individuality and be trendy in keeping with your personality.  This is where the gap lies with existing products on the market as there is very little available that bridges that gap and this is why Your Options Understood (Y.O.U.) need your support.

Y.O.U. wants to be part of changing this narrative for disabled people, particularly when it comes to wheelchair seating.  We live in Scotland and getting warm weather can be few and far between, however this is a key factor behind Y.O.U. wanting to design and produce an innovated product that can be used to enhance and improve wheelchair seating.  We all know that black absorbs heat. How would you feel if you had no other choice but to sit on a black seat.  To choose your type of seating allows you to have some personal choice.   Something as simple as choosing what type and colour of seating you would like gives you a chance to reflect your own individuality and independence.  This is not the reality for many disabled people who use wheelchairs.  Their wheelchair is their only mode of transport which allows them their independence because they rely on support from support staff to assist them with transferring.

Y.O.U. wants to add to what is already available on the market.  Y.O.U. has a prototype for headrests and cushion covers that can be made available in a selection of different colours.  These products are made from breathable bamboo fabric with a gel honeycomb insert. (See photos of both below). These have been tried and tested.  For Y.O.U. it is more than just designing a product to bridge a gap in the market, it’s about allowing disabled people to explore their own identity and be able to reflect this in the products and aid they need to use as part of their daily living.  It’s about offering choice and individuality and allowing them to reflect their own personality, standing out from the crowd if they wish.

However the Embrace Your Own Identity Project is about more than offering alternative seating to wheelchair users.  It's about assisting wheelchair users to gain confidence in their individuality as we enter a post covid world and restrictions lift

The costs of producing these products are approximately £100 for a cushion and headrest cover set.  This includes purchasing the fabric in a colour of their choice and including their own personal avatar which they can be designed, making it personal to them.  Individuals who benefit from such products may not have the disposable income to fund this themselves due to their disability and other contributing factors.  Therefore Y.O.U. is asking you to help initially fund the cost of 10 of these sets being made.  This would be in the region of £1000.


Donate Now and help disabled people start to recognise their own identity.  Something that we have all lost at some point, especially in recent months.

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