Embrace Your Own Identity Fundraiser
You can head over to Y.O.U's Embrace Your Own Identity Fundraiser page and donate as little as a £1 to have you business logo incorporated on our digital wall. 

Be part of enabling Y.O.U to offer wheelchair users a personalised seating alternative to their existing wheelchair seating that is colourful and allows them to Embrace Their Own Identity whilst offering added comfort.
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Y.O.Us  Latesr News -E-shop

April 2021 has seen the launch of Y.O.U's new E-Shop. This can be found under the "More..." section on this website. The shop has a range of exciting new products, including: notebooks, hoodies and t-shirts and more! All items include Y.O.U's all important tagline "What do I know... I only live it!!!" which emphasises that noone knows the needs of disabled people more than the disabled people themselves. 

All proceeds from purchases will be put back into Your Options Understood business and be used to assist us in providing services that we do, including advocacy and giving disabled people a voice who otherwise wouldn't be heard.  

To celebrate the launch of the shop Y.O.U has a 20% off promo-code which will be given to customers when they subscribe to Dr. Danielle Farrel's YouTube channel. To access this code leave a comment on of Y.O.U's social media channels letting us know that you have subscribed to the YouTube channel and the code will be sent to you.


Advocacy, Consultancy, Self Directed Support Advice, Planning Support, Training

2020 Developments:

Exciting developments in what Y.OU. can offer, we have been busy expanding our plans to meet the demands of learning, developing and adapting what we all do in this changing environment.


Y.O.U's E-Learning has now launched - Health and Social care providers and other businesses can purchase Y.O.U's online training focusing on improving their approaches and practises when supporting, employing or serving disabled individuals. Completing this training will mean that your staff and organisations have the confidence to work with and for the disabled community as we move forward in the Covid-19 pandemic.

see more at https://youroptionsunderstood.moodlecloud.com


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Advocacy, Consultancy, Self Directed Support Advice, Planning Support, Training