Staff Training

Training and Educational Plans and Workshops

Y.O.U. provides a range of training and educational programs suitable for a variety of participants and sectors.
These are delivered from a first-hand perspective of living with a disability and/or of working in the social care sector. Participants who complete these programs and workshops will be able to benefit from Y.O.U's wealth of knowledge and skills in this area. This, in turn, will enrich the practice of your staff and improve the delivery of your services.  Y.O.U is also registered on the Disability Inclusive Confident Employer UK Government Scheme and aims to assist other organisations and employers to also apply for this recognition. 

The training Y.O.U can offer includes:

Disability Discrimination
Human Rights of Disabled People
Staff Attitudes
Self-Directed Support
Recording Daily notes
Support Planning

Y.O.U can also facilitate workshops within Schools and other Educational environments to the children, young people and students who attend. These workshops are fully inclusive regardless of participants abilities and will help develop and broaden their knowledge of disability and what it means to live in a fully inclusive society. Specifically, these workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of participants - for example if a group of young people who are transitioning from School into adulthood - these workshops can cover areas that are important to the young people as they embark on this journey. 

Therefore, whether you are an employer considering employing a disabled person or an employer concerned with retaining your current workforce or if you are an organisation or school providing support to disabled people and their families or whether your an organisation dealing with the public on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss how Y.O.U can help you. 

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