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Y.O.U. at the National Voice Event

Y.O.U. at the National Voice Event

Getting the message out there

Me and my plan

Me and my plan

You need to own your plan, and we understand how to do this

Working on new ideas

Working on new ideas

Sharing ways we can improve things for everyone



Me receiving my Doctorate

Craig hill (Scottish comedian)

Craig hill (Scottish comedian)

A selfie with Craig Hill, a good social life is important for everyone

"We understand what person centred really means, and will work on what is important to you."

Dr Danielle Farrel Managing Director

Your Options Understood -
Passionate about providing a voice for those living with a disability.
We provide advocacy support for those seeking to understand rights and entitlements, as well as providing guidance to service providers that seek to deliver exceptional customer experiences to this community.

See our What We Do page for more details

Advocacy, Consultancy, Self Directed Support Advice, Planning Support, Training

Y.O.U. is a founding  member of the Person Centred Planning Network (Scotland)

to find out more about the network and how Person Centred Planning helps disabled people DREAM BIG and live a good life click here

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Meet Leo - Y.O.Us Youngest Model!!!

21 month old Leo is looking handsome in his 'What Do I Know...I Only Live It!!! t-shirt purchased from Y.O.Us online shop

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Email: youroptionsunderstood@gmail.com

Tel: 07938998091

Company No: SC514033

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