The SKILLS Project is a 2 year  Erasmus + project that includes several European partners


working in collaboration to address the need to explore and define what systems are in place


for Self-Directed Support in Europe. The project aims to improve full citizenship of all


persons with disabilities by improving skills and competencies of different stake-holders in

Self-Directed Support. 

Click the link below to view video interviews conducted by Dr Danielle Farrel - Managing Director of Your Options Understood in collaboration with In-Control Scotland, one of The SKILLS Projects European Partners. These video interviews give real examples of how Self-Directed Support has been implemented in Scotland, the challenges around this and how it has changed the way people access support. These videos also highlight the positives of accessing Self-Directed Support, as well as participants experiences of using Self-Directed Support during the Covid-19 pandemic.


One of the videos also highlights the advice that participants would give to anyone thinking of applying for Self-Directed support. Each of the videos has key messages that are highlighted at the end of each video. These became apparent due to the common experiences  of the interviewees around Self-Directed Support.